"format as text" operator; access higher level iterators

With the “format as text” operator, how can one access iterators from levels higher than the most recent? For example, when retrieving Topic names inside Sector categories, can I reference the “This Sector” (grandparent) instead of just the “This Topic” (parent) when nested?

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That is based on your database structure. If you structure your database to have related fields, then yes you can

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Thank you for your quick reply. I have data types for Sectors, Topics, and NewsItems. Each NewsItem can be associated with one or more Topics, and each Topic can be associated with one or more Sectors. In my Postmark API call, I aim to retrieve the NewsItems for “This Topic” (parent) AND “This Sector” (grandparent), which means I want to delve 3 levels deep using the “format as text” operator.

I’ve also created a data type named “NewsLink” with fields: Sector, Topic, and NewsItem. In this table I store a record for each unique combination of Sector, Topic, and NewsItem. However, as I delve deeper into the nested structure, I find I cannot reference the grandparent (Sector) iterator anymore. Only the parent (Topic).

I can not wrap my head around what you want to achieve. If you like to schedule a paid training session feel free to schedule with me via the bubble coaching marketplace.

From what I do understand is that you want to send an email and in that email send the NewsLink which has the Sector, Topic and NewsItem…so why are you not simply sending an email that references the NewsLink datatypes Sector, Topic and NewsItem?

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