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Format color for some items in a list


I have Recipes [ {} Name: Banana Smoothie Ingredients: banana, ice, cinnamon] and when I check the box, it adds the ingredients to my Grocery List. My question is: for the recipes not checked marked, I want the ingredients that are in my Grocery List to appear black, and items not in my Grocery List to appear red.

Recipes are a data table where one field is a list of ingredients. And, ingredients is a data table.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?


Is the Grocery List just an entry in a separate table? You could add some sort of conditional formatting to each ingredient’s display (text field, button, etc.) that takes the value of the ingredient name and searches your GroceryList table’s entry for the user’s Grocery List. If it finds a match change the format to black; if it doesn’t find a match, set it to red.

The Grocery List is a repeating group displaying the unique ingredients that make all the receipes I have “checked”.

On the left is the recipe name and its list of ingredients (saved as a list in the recipe table for each recipe). To the right is my grocery list (the repeating group with a filtered data source). For a recipe’s ingredients, those ingredients in the grocery list are black, those not in the grocery list are red.

Hm… I’m assuming you are using a text field in the repeating group that lists out the ingredients. If that’s the case then I don’t think you can color each individual item since you can only set a condition for the text field as a whole.

If you can add the components and workflow to a new page in the forum app I can take a look, though.

I thought it’d be a stretch that I could color individual… but, would there be a way I could show two lists, one where the ingredients in the recipe intersect with the grocery list and another where the ingredients DO NOT intersect with the grocery list. So, I’d have all the ingredients, I could color the intersected ones black and the NOT intersected ones red.

I can get the intersect to work - but is it wishful thinking that there’s a way to show those the do not intersect?