Format condition "is disabled"

Did I dream at some point that the condition “Element is disabled” was available in the element editor?

Are you maybe thinking of element “toggle” (which toggles element visibility)? Or perhaps the “is valid”/“is not valid” state possessed by Input elements?

There is also an element state for “clickable”…

Wait: Inputs have a “this input is disabled” condition DESTINATION. It does not seem like you can DETECT that state directly (eg, “when…this input is disabled” is not a thing).

So you must disable/enable an input based on some other state that you track separately.

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I’m pretty sure I once saw it, but could have been months/year ago and maybe a bug.

Today I came up with a use case for that and I didn’t see it.

I’ll move this to idea then.

Can we get When “element is disabled” as a condition?

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