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I am currently trying to create an app that displays to the customer a table of data that has m rows (R1, R2, …, Rj, …, Rm) and n columns (C1, C2, …Ci, … Cn). I want to have the header and the data of each row aligned to make it easily readable by the customer. I have a RG of m rows and only 1 column. For each row of the RG there is a row group with n text box inside.

What I expect: Let’s suppose that the biggest textbox of the column i is in the row j. Then the width of the column i should be the minimum between the width of the textbox j and 100px.

How can I do that please ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Are you using the new responsive engine(flexbox) or the old one?

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I am using the new responsive engine

Any ideas ?

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