Format Date Text with split by

In a repeating group I have a Textfield which gets a Date as Text from an external API. The Format of the date is “2023-06-08”. I need the Date Text to be formatted as “08.06.2023”.
I tried :split by (-):last item:append"." which gives me “08.” but now I dont have the :item # or :first item keyword anymore. So I would need this API call and split by three times in order to achive want I want? Is there no easier way to concat a splitted string?

If the date value comes in on an independent field, you’d be better off assigning that field the type ‘date’ while initializing the API call. Then you can manipulate it as a date thing on Bubble.

In case you must use it as text, build the new string with 3 dynamic expressions
It will look like:
<TEXT>:split by (-) :item#3 <TEXT>:split by (-) :item#2 <TEXT>:split by (-) :item#1

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