[format] Displaying information from database

I have a data type and within that data type I have something called “updates”, which stores text, with “this field is a list (multiple entries)” checked. Well on one page, I allow for users to provide updates in text format, which then gets posted onto a totally different page.

On the page that displays the updates, it is displaying the information in a line and I want there to be double spacing between each list item.

So for example, currently it’s displaying like this:

“1) this is a test update 2) this is another test update”

Instead I want it to display like this:

"1) this is a test update

  1. this is another test update"

…I know I can achieve this by making the actually data type itself “updates”, then displaying it with a repeating group, instead of having “updates” inside the data type. However, that’s not how I want to do it. It’s too complicated that way and feels to much like a work around, for how it should be done. There has to be an easier way.

Anyone know how to achieve this?

Does anyone have any ideas? I’m still stumped…

All I need it to do is have it display the list of text double spaced. There seems to be no way to do it…

Can you provide a screenshot of data you’re displaying. You should be able to just hit return and it will add a space.

Below: I give a user a multiline text input field to type in an update

Process 1 where they type

Below: In the database, within a Datatype there is a field that is labeled “Updates” where the information is stored.

Process 2 how it's stored in database

Below: However, when I call for it to be displayed on a completely different page, it’s displaying in a line.

Process 3 how it actually displays

I want it to display like this instead:

This is a test 1

This is a test 2

…I want it to display double spaced, each time a user adds another update.

You’ll need to use the line break feature. 25 PM

That worked like a charm!! Thanks you!

I didn’t even know there was a line break feature. I had to type in it manually because it’s not accessible within the menu of available options.

Thanks again!!

If you need to index the entries, you’ll be better off using a repeating group though. You’ll also be able to space them how you want.

23 PM

Yeah, this really is the use case for a repeating group. Just curious, what about the repeating group was it that didn’t fit for you here?

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