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Format JSON API Response

Hello guys it’s me again. I am wanting to format my JSON response (using Return data from API) to be something like this:


    "status": "success",

    "response": {

        "whitelistedUsers": [

                    name: "John Doe",
                    ID: "36"




This seems to be quite difficult, as of now I can get whitelisted users to display a list of each identifier but from there I cannot get it to display sub-info about the user with this parent identifier (in this example steam:1234329035)


Above JSON reponse is invalid missing closer.
You can use plugin to format your json response with your customized data representation. Because the key will dynamic it cannot be predicted by API Connector.

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Hi yes, I just noticed the missing closer. As mentioned though that is just an example of what I want my JSON to look like.

What plugin can I use?