Format Repeating Group Text as Integer

Dear Bubblers,

Please I need help on how to format my repeating group as integer.
I have a thing in the database that the value is an average of items.

I get values like 7.1112334, how can I format the text on the RG to 7?

Or better still round up or down?

Thank you all.


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:slight_smile:great. Worked like a charm!

I need your help on this thread topic please.

you was already given good advice, try follow that.

Thanks. Unfortunately I cannot seem to get it to work.
Breaking down the workflow is a challenge, I ended up messing up the entire app.

Poor me…

its because you are writing lots of data too, not just the searches.

Uhh rethink your logic, stock replenishment can be loaded in a state instead of db and update that state whenever workflow is completed. Sales man average sales isnt so important to calculate it every sale, can do that on a button click or end of the week type thing.

your method looks too complicated, tell me what you are trying to build (in very simple terms) and i will redesign it for you when i get the chance.

Thanks for your time.

Summary of app: Its a 3 in one app, a stock management app and a sales recording app and replenishment generation.

  1. I have a product, whenever the customer sells, the stock database is reduced by the quantity sold, the sellout db is updated with the quantity sold so I can get an average. When the stocks reaches a limit, I can generate a replenishment, that’s the entire summary.