Formatting a list constraint for Data API

Does anyone know the proper format of the “value” parameter when using the “in” constraint for Data API?

Here’s my constraint:


I am wanting to retrieve all Listings whose Listing ID field (text) appears in a list of specific IDs (texts). My understanding of the reference is that I need the “in” constraint, which makes sense: “Listing IDs that are in a list of texts”

When I use the above constraint, I get this error: Invalid Data, Issue with data for workflow listing: undefined cannot be parsed as a JSON

I know that I only have one item in my list, “ABC” - but my main question is what’s the format of a list value? My guess would be this:

[{"key":"listingsid","constraint_type":"in","value":"ABC, DEF, GHI"}]

But I have no idea and that isn’t working. I also tried brackets around the list values as if to do an array, but that wasn’t making sense to me.

My data privacy rules check out, and I’ve looked for other culprits. Right now all signs point to incorrect formatting of this “in” constraint when comparing against a list because when I use a different constraint like “text contains” it goes through perfectly. Haven’t seen anyone else post examples with the “in” constraint - hopefully someone out there has done it!


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Hey @romanmg. My guess for list format from Bubble would be:

[{"key":"listingsid","constraint_type":"in","value":["ABC", "DEF", "GHI"]}]

brackets for the list, with double quotes around each value.


That was it! Thanks so much @mebeingken. I had tried a few variations and looking at it makes so much sense I’m not sure how I missed it! Very much appreciated :smile:

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