Formatting an address

Hello everyone.

I am having a complete mind blank. I have to fill in an initial form and once all the information is filled in the form creates a new thing. Part of the form is address information. I have designed it so that a button opens a popup to input the address in a Searchbox and saving it closes the popup. This all works fine. Once the popup is closed I need the address to show as text on the form and to be saved in the new thing when form complete. I have the following problems when the text is displayed on the form.

I need the address to be UK only based (this issue is with the searchbox and I have reduced the radius but it seems a bit clunky)

I need the address displayed as below and not in a line:

House Number Street
Post Code

The problem is if any extracted elemenet is missing I need the lines to move up to fill the gap, I can’t find county for the life of me and I am having a mental road block…

Thank you

You can use a series of Boolean expressions, formatted as text, to achieve this…


Address: Extract: County: is empty:


No: Address: Extract: County: Line Break (press enter)

Do the same for each part of the address (with no spaces or line breaks between each expression), and the extracted parts of the address will display, one on each line, and if any part is missing it won’t take up a line int he text.

That is brilliant thank you…

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