Formatting groups questions

Boy this is frustrating.

I’m trying to make this:

The grey edge is edge of phone. The repeating group is horizontal scrolling, and each element is about 2/3 of how wide the phone is.

I cannot get it to stretch all the way across AND give me this kind of spacing between them.

I try this

and probably not to your surprise, it gives me this

The cells are right, but its not wide enough. How do I make it stretch all the way to the edges of the phone?

When I try this:

i get this

The red is a RG cell and now it displays super wide cells with 1 ‘page’ between them.

Is there a way to achieve what I want and does anyone know how to do it?

It’s just baffling.

It looks like the minimum width of the parent group (green group) may be set too high. It’s hard to tell. However, I’d suggest leaving the responsiveness like it is in screenshot 2, where the next entry is cutoff. This lets the user know that they can scroll to see more items.

If it’s full width, a user might not know to scroll left and right to see more.

I agree that the responsiveness in screenshot 2 is good, the next entry being cut off. But I want to stretch the whole thing out to nearly the edges of the phone, not this little window into it. I’m aiming for what’s in shot 1.

Is there a way to tell the group to stretch further across?

It’s hard to say exactly what needs to be done from the screenshots. You can PM your editor and i’ll take a look.

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