Formatting pop-up layers

I have a workflow that deploys a pop-up when a user isn’t logged in to an account and attempts to perform certain events.

On some pages, this pop-up formats correctly over the top of other popups.

On other pages, it’s hidden behind the same pop-ups.

Would like to know if anyone has any insights in defining layers for pop-ups?

Bump on this if anyone has any insights.

Hi @lachlankirkwood1,

It may seem silly, but have you tried performing the ‘Bring to Front’ action on the pop-up, for each pop-up, on each page to see if this remediates the issue?

Do these pop-ups have the same workflow for On Page Load(If current user isn’t logged in) events on each page?

Unfortunately formatting the pop-up to the front didn’t work in the past.

I’m building a social platform that shows a pop-up (social post) when a user clicks on a thumbnail image.

If a user isn’t logged in and wants to perform an action (liking, commenting, or following), a pop-up is open when they take an action, prompting them to register an account.


On the home-page, this logic works fine as picture above.

Finding that I’m unable to replicate this layering across other pages.


It’d be much better interface to just put your sign-in thing inside the popup (which, since it sounds like you’re going to using it all over the place should be built as a reusable element).

Build the sign-in interface as a group inside of your popup. Put it in front of the rest of the popup interface (also in its own group). If the user is logged in, the sign-in group should be visible (set in the Conditions tab for its group). For the other group (the “logged in” portion), you could set things so that its contents are either invisible, greyed out or not clickable, whatever-you-want.

The point of modal windows is that they take over the screen. Even if a browser allows you to throw up multiple modals, it’s just junky UI to do it. If a thing has taken over the screen, something else should not take over the screen “on top of” that. It should be treated like a thing you cannot do, even if you can manage to do it.


Thanks, will give this a try :+1:

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