Formule is calculating in Preview BUT NOT IN LIVE

We ask apple growers to fill in a number of bins for each size the use in a coldstore for a treatment.
We calculate the total kilo’s in the coldstore based on nette m3 per bin and the variety specific weight

The formule “sum” (Totaal kisten) is working fine in Preview AND Live
The formule “sum” (Totaal KG) is working fine in Preview BUT NOT IN LIVE…
See screenshot

This is the formule:

What can I do to solve this problem?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Have you deployed the version to the Live environment?

off course… :wink:
if not I could not compare live with development
It is deployed several times already to try to fix the problem, but without result.

Lol, I meant had you deployed that specific version.

Is your dev data and live data the same when checking in the Bubble backend?

Hi lantzgould

I did not update my live database with the value kg/m3 for the variety…

I feel so stupid…:cry:

but thank you so very much with this “bug”


We all made this error. This is sad that we cannot set a DB to be in synced by default (example Sync DB to Dev or Live to Dev)

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@Jici Agreed!

@marco1 We’ve all made this same mistake, no worries :slight_smile:

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