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Forum App Cleanup

Hey guys,

The forum app is completely cluttered with tests and all sorts of issues. Would anyone object to a daily or weekly clean up? I started deleting stuff but then realized I should probably get your inputs before I go renegade.



@emmanuel tends to create a new one when it gets too big.

Deleting stuff isn’t a good idea.

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Thanks, Nigel. I’ll hold off on the broom. I didn’t realize the dust was holding the house together :mask:

Edit: Is it kosher to make public apps to tackle forum problems?

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No worries :slight_smile: There are some really useful things in the old forum apps that I still refer to. Who can forget “Fruity Whack a Mole” :nerd:

Public apps are cool. I have one that I put examples in to share.

You can create more apps, just name them forumapp or something


Thanks, Emmanuel! I think individual public apps to tackle the issue at hand would probably serve better than one app tackling all the issues at once!

But as those are tied to an account, and if someone closes that account. We have a forum full of dead links ?

We don’t delete apps when an account is being closed, so it should just work.


I’ve seen some links in the forum of which there are no contents on the pages of the forum app. The creator removed it.

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