Forum broken on Chrome?

I just get a blank page with a header. Lots of errors in the Console on Chrome. But only when logged in, it shows all the posts otherwise.

Anyone else ?

(and yes, I cleared my cookies)

I’m viewing on Chrome and it seems fine for me.

Just me then :frowning:

Edge is really fast !


Broken on Chrome on Android too.

It might be me :frowning:

Same issue for me when logged in through an Opera browser

@NigelG, @gf_wolfer – received your reports, investigating now!

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Looked into it; it turns out that certain CloudFlare page optimizations don’t play nice with our forum software. The issue is fixed now.

The forums are zippy enough that I doubt we’ll miss them, but it’s something that’s good to know for future reference.


Thank you… All back to normal :slight_smile: