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Forward Proxy configuration in bubble plugin

Hello folks, am quite new to bubble plugin development. I want to implement a forward proxy in bubble to redact sensitive data. I have the following code which is running okay, sending requests to I want to pass the requests through VGS which offers proxy services.
This is the nodeJS code I want to implement in the plugin. Any help would be highly appreciated.

const fs = require('fs');

const request = require(‘axios’);
const tunnel = require(‘tunnel’);

async function getData() {
const tunnelingAgent = tunnel.httpsOverHttp({
ca: [ fs.readFileSync(‘path/to/sandbox.pem’)],
proxy: {
host: ‘’,
port: ‘8080’,
proxyAuth: ‘USiyQvWcT7wcpy8gvFb1GVmz:2b48a642-615a-4b3c-8db5-e02a88147174’

const redactedPayload = {
account_number: ‘tok_sandbox_w8CBfH8vyYL2xWSmMWe3Ds’,

return await’,
httpsAgent: tunnelingAgent,
proxy: false,
headers: {
}).then((r) => {
console.log(’\nResponse from Axios request on REVEAL:’);

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This looks pretty cool, @collins. Did you get it to work? How do you like VGS?

VGS is super awesome, I was never able to accomplish that in bubble so I followed a different approach using AWS Lambda.