Frames ― A modular design system for Bubble

I am glad i discovered Frames and just purchased the 50$ version. Can you please help me with these 2 questions:
a. How can I combine sidenav04 and sidenav05 into one making it work like a drawer?
b. How can I make the main content area to fill the full rest of the page. I have set the main page to rows, sidenav to allign to parent already and the main area fit width to content, but it overlays the sidenav instead of placing next to it.

Thanks for your help

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Hi great library guys :+1:

quick question: is this design only (just like tailwind components) or are for example the tabs for the dashboard navigation combined with the actual necessary workflows and option sets?
Is there going to be a way to make the elements more “feelable” with something like a showcase website?


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Hey @wethemakersclub and thanks for your kind words!

If you can bare with us we are currently recording a vast array of Frames videos in which we cover all of your points.

ETA is two weeks from today :dizzy:

Hey @hi_bubble and thanks!

Currently they are design only but on next update we are including full workflows so things automagically pop. For example, parent tabs will come with pre-designed with container child groups which dynamically switch etc…

ETA is two weeks from today :boom:

Great so tomorrow is the big day @jameore ? I am really looking forward to this. I have postponed projects to start clean. Cheers :rocket:

Where can I see what’s in the full library?

Not really a fan of the new separation. There aren’t even any tables in the builder option?

In your example there is a table element with filtered tags, search etc. How can we create such a layout fast? In the directory there is an empty “Tables” folder and the folder with repeating groups does not have this either. Or am I overseeing something?

What is the ETA for the next update?

Thanks and all the best!

Hey, apologies for my late reply.

I can confirm that by the end of play this week, all new elements and sections will be available. I will up this thread with everything is live and kicking!

Hey, we are refactoring a lot of thing behind the scenes. Please bare with us whilst we manage to get full categorization back.

Hey, next update is this Friday, brand new elements, sections and pages incoming!

With regards to Table, please await this updated as we are baking in workflows so you can unpick and understand the logic.

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Hey I just checked and could not find any new table elements nor anything with workflows inside. I am actually at a point where I have waited long enough and would like to ask for a refund. All the promises and nothing came for over two months now. The only reason why I bought a license in the first place was because of

And that was on Feb 17 this year…

I paid for a license a little more than a month ago and was expecting to see more than a few elements available. Definitely was disappointed. I emailed and sent a DM on socials for a refund…it’s been 3-4 weeks now, no response.

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