[FREE BETA PLUGIN] - PhotoBox - Lightbox type feel, fully responsive image display/zoom

PhotoBox by GhostCodes

A fully responsive, and customizable lightbox / image zoom plugin.

:white_check_mark: Numerous Updates
:white_check_mark: Responsive
:white_check_mark: Customizable
:white_check_mark: Works in your own Repeating Groups
:white_check_mark: Ability to add your own custom elements (still needs improvement)


DEMO | My Site



What are you offering?

You get full access to all the features, and future improvements until 1 month after release.

Time to complete will be approximately a month.

This means you will have about a month or two of testing the product to see if it’s something you will like.

What if I want to keep using it?

That’s fine, you will be offered a 50% discount of the set price. You will have until 1 month after release to pay for the license, otherwise your plugin will no longer be active and you will have to pay full price afterwards.

Get free access to this plugin

Reply to this thread, or shoot me a DM to get access

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Very nice

Brother… Your landing page is :fire:

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appreciate that! although i may need to go toward a more professional look soon xD

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Bro it’s really unique. I like it.


You can now use the box in your own Repeating Group!

Big shout out to @doug.burden for collaborating with me with some fine tuning. In return I had helped him design his new site! Check it out.

Now to add customization features.

BETA STILL OPEN - if anyone wants a chance to get this at 50% off, or to try it until it’s released, now is your time! :slight_smile: Just shoot me a message with your APP ID, or message me here and I will get back to you.

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