Free cad 100% free

Hello i am the owner Leeland with Valley Cads & More you can find us are offering free cads to the people who come to us NO LIMIT. things we do not require

  1. Invite people ( Please do it anyways much appreciated )
  2. Donate
    Please invite people to the server we will thank you. again their is no catch to this what so ever you will be happy you meet us.
    How to redeem
  4. Join the server
  5. Make a ticket or ping @ Leeland
  6. Once you have been reached out to please use this code for a free cad FREE2020!
  7. Say you are from leeland
  8. Wait until i contact you for further info or dm me
  9. Cad Done. :slight_smile: Looking to seeing you

Hello, am I still able to do this because my server is undergoing development and a new CAD is on our development list, if I can still do this, what exactly do I have to do?

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