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After a great success on the first version of freeCAD, freeCAD V2 is finally out. We have spent over 20 hours adding stuff in and making this new version much better. FreeCAD is a powerful CAD/MDT system that was made with bubble. After a poll with previous version owners we have decided that we are also going to offer freeCAD V2 editors-edition and freeCAD V2 back-end edition also instead of only front-end. The front-end edition will be as it will always be 100% free of charge. Pricing of other 2 versions will be in this document bellow, we promise it is super low.

If you wanna learn more about all of the features, and different version please take a look at this document: freeCAD V2 information

As the name says the front end version of the CAD is totally FREE. For more information take a look at the end of the document above.
Some of the features are:

  • DOJ Style buttons, with changing color when pressed.
  • Admin Panel.
  • 911 dispatcher tones when calling. (example: When making a 911 call you will hear the CAD say “911 whats the location of your emergency”)
  • Integrated application system.
  • And much much more…





If you want to order one or get a demo join our discord server.

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Happy free role-playing!

Just so happens that the CAD & Application System are ours. Nice ‘work’ guys.

Maybe just happens is that you guys are triggered and start laying to litterlly everyone that sells freeCADS. Maybe I was the COO of RWS, worked my ass of there, maybe hosted for RWS a web server and several discord bots for months with out geting paid, maybe I did help biuld the CADs with out geting paids. And maybe I could compleatlly expose RWS. maybe you shcould stop going arround to everyone selling free CADs just bc it takes away yr money that u keep to your self and dont even give to your developers who wasited money hosting servers for free for u guys and creating cads and other shit for u guys…

Public beta is out expect official release this weekend!




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If you dont know hacking someone can lead to a jail sentence…

We haven’t hacked your account, we have permissions on this forum to change titles. It’s part of our ‘Regular’ role.

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I think you need to face reality and also the consequences of your actions. “Exposing” RWS will do nothing but make yourself look like a fool.

I’m closing this thread. If there are actual issues to report, please contact the forum moderators. Otherwise, we ask that you take the toxicity elsewhere.