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FREE CAD/MDT | Custom CAD/MDT With Built In Jobs and more!

Hello everyone! So I’m sure there’s so many of us every day trying to find some sort of CAD/MDT system for your roleplaying server weather its ROBLOX or GTA5 we have you covered! Welcome to Galaxy productions! our main goal is to let the public know that you don’t always have to buy cad systems every minute! well, I’m happy to give you all a free front end version off this Custom CAD/MDT system! here’s some info about this cad system.

This CAD Offers:
• 6 Departments
• 3 LEO Departments
• Admin panel
• Standard Customisation
• LEO Subdivisions
• Discord Integration
• Player statistics
• Announcement panel
• Custom CIV Phone

• Tow CAD
• Vanilla unicorn
• Limo
• Tow CAD
• Limo Gruppe 6 security

Feel free to join us here! Thanks all we wish you a good day Frazer K.

Would it be possible for me to receive a demo before i choose the free one

Yes! if you would like to choose a DEMO system between witch cad system your interested in you can just create a ticket and let us know!

Im new to this stuff but i want to give a big +1 to GP i came as i was interested in the free system i then changed my mind and i love it! i bought the ultafaith cad system and it was really good and ran smooth thank guys

Thank you for your review this means alot.