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FREE CAD/MDT | Free Roleplay CAD/MDT

Hello there! We are Matrix Solutions.
Are you looking for a Free CAD/MDT system for your community? If so, you should come to us! We have a fully developed awesome Free CAD along with all of our other paid products!

-Classic CAD-
Front End: FREE
Back End: N/A
Reseller: N/A

-6 Departments
-3 LEO Departments
-Management Panel
-Limited Customization
-LEO Subdivisions

DEMO Login: [email protected]
DEMO Password: DEMO19

We have a few terms and conditions which you need to agree to in order to get a cad from us!
Our Discord server is where you can get your cad. The link to it is:

Many thanks,
MS Staff
Matrix Solutions


Can we stop with all these stolen companies


no we cannot

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We are not a stolen companies

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and we are no where near a stolen company So please and thank start saying we are because we are not are CAD/MDT are real CAD/MDT

The grammar is real, boys.


@nicpagonis We are not stolen cad companys. We have reseller on all of our MDT’s

sure thing dard

Ignore them allways get triggred on companies that wnana give things away for free

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Ya. We only sell CAD’s for free so we can help small communities. But the rest of our MDTs do cost money up to $20.00!!

Retron Web Service just hacked my bubble account were i sell the free CADs so be carefull.

We haven’t hacked your account, we have permissions on this forum to change titles. It’s part of our ‘Regular’ role. Try being active on the forum.

we do sir

And Thanks i know my grammar is bad thais why i don’t text a lot

Your cads aren’t all $20. I joined your server and for backend access some go up to $60 and all i wanted was a good cad with lots of features and backend access for $20.

Hey @chanlemay1!

If you are looking for a CAD/MDT, we have many to choose from, all rich in functionality and features. Have a look at the threads below for more info:

Thanks, I love all of your cads but I really want your Ember Cad. But the editor access to the Ember Cad is $30 dollars, and i only have $20.

hi there im very interested in your guys idea also im looking for a free cad

@matrixsolutions We are not a Stolen CAD Company. We have re-sellers on all of our MDT’s.

I am doing completely FREEBIE CAD’s and they aren’t stolen and are fully owned! Join and get started