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FREE CAD/MDT | Free Roleplay CAD/MDT

hey man, can I have the cad? your discord does not work.

Tactical Products was founded in June Of 2014 by the current Owner. So far Tactical Products have seen very good success in the CAD market and we hope to expand to new surroundings and able to help your role play experience out . Come check us out, Here is what we have to offer

Tactical Products

Join us today for free Discord services where we help you with anything needed!

Hello there! We offer the following:

:man_technologist: Friendly Staff!:woman_technologist:
:pencil: Staff Applications Always Open!:pencil:
:fax:Great Services!:fax:
:money_with_wings:Great Prices!:money_with_wings:
:adult: Self Roles! :adult:
Much More!

Products Offered

:gem: Premium CADS :gem:
:gem: OCRP :gem:
:gem: DOJ :gem:
:gem: Overseerer :gem:

Discord Servers

Gta 5 Maps
and more!

Join us today for free Discord services where we help you with anything needed!


Is there anyway I can grab a new link to the discord server… I would really like to purchase a CAD off of you guys :slight_smile:

how can i join in their discord.

can you send me discord inivation. ZanispleveLV#7405

Are you looking to start your server and don’t know what to do? Well we offer discord building, Website design and graphic design and lots more join our discord at:
We offer:
-Custom Website & Design.
-Cads, Images, Logos & Video editing (Free) apart from the CADS.
-Cheap Pricing on Websites.
-Payment plans for Websites & Website Design.
-FiveM Server Hosting & Development


Hello, Add me and we will figure somethig out ℭ𝔬𝔩𝔢𝔱𝔬𝔫#2478

can i get an updated discord link plz

the discord invite link is invalid is this cad free?

I cant join the discord if you could send another that will be nice

Can I get a new discord invite link

Do you think I could get a free cad system for an army roleplay just like have there names and there ranks and be able to change there ranks. If so it would be a big help to my roleplay group but if not that’s ok

@nsanborn23 do you know how to make a cad system if so would you consider giving me one for free if you cant that’s ok but if you can it would my rp sever out alot

So how do I get a CAD/MDT from you guys I have been looking for a while and would like to get a CAD for free from you guys but I can’t figure out where I have to go to get one if you could please get back to me ASAP.

the password is wrong

Hi! I am currently building a RP Group and I need a CAD. I would like to join but the Discord invite is expired. Can you send a new one?

To be a stolen company they would have to be a “company.”