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FREE CAD/MDT | Free Roleplay CAD/MDT

Retron Web Service just hacked my bubble account were i sell the free CADs so be carefull.

We haven’t hacked your account, we have permissions on this forum to change titles. It’s part of our ‘Regular’ role. Try being active on the forum.

we do sir

And Thanks i know my grammar is bad thais why i don’t text a lot

Your cads aren’t all $20. I joined your server and for backend access some go up to $60 and all i wanted was a good cad with lots of features and backend access for $20.

Hey @chanlemay1!

If you are looking for a CAD/MDT, we have many to choose from, all rich in functionality and features. Have a look at the threads below for more info:

Thanks, I love all of your cads but I really want your Ember Cad. But the editor access to the Ember Cad is $30 dollars, and i only have $20.

hi there im very interested in your guys idea also im looking for a free cad

@matrixsolutions We are not a Stolen CAD Company. We have re-sellers on all of our MDT’s.

I am doing completely FREEBIE CAD’s and they aren’t stolen and are fully owned! Join and get started

Hi i do completely FREE CAD’s no strings attached, Head over to my discord

Matrix Solutions Is A Scam!!! I Had Done A Background Investigation And Found Them In Possession Of STOLEN CAD/MDT(s) Then After Confronting Them I Was Banned From Their Server Following Another Investigation.


I have found them scamming aswell also they have reseller on all their cads but from a company that has reseller from their company this is so they can both cover up their tracks

Nice alt

Hey guys My name is Nick S. I was in matrix solutions for around 5 months when you start working there you will see that is kinda fun working there until you start you see the true side of matrix solutions behind the curtains in the staff chat is a dark path sadly I played along there is a group called Creative Solutions Matrix Solutions completely raided there whole server and left nothing there until one day when this was about to go down there Power Hungry Bored of directors decide to catfish me into thinking that he was apart of Modern Solutions and made too accounts name Jane and logan and bribe me with money ( But keep in mind that the owner has no clue that this is going on ) so I get to the point to were I am being offered $70.00 to $100.00 and like any rational human being would take that offer which I told the owner but then the BoD member sent all the screen shot of me saying that I am intrigue like who would not be like that but then I sent the info and then I got banned but know I am here to tell you guys DO NOT BUY FROM MATRIX SOLUTIONS DO NOT TRUST THEM I was a trusted employee one of the best and I get banned because of human nature THERE THINGS ARE ALL RESELLER PERMISONS TBH you would be better buying from NAM SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARED DONT BE FOOLED BUY THE TITLE OF FREE THEY ARE JUST TRYING TO CATCH UP TO MODERN SOLUTIONS IN MEMBERS THEY WILL DELEATE YOUR CAD IF YOU HAVE BACKEND AND Ben the owner once told a customer to F off becuese he got annoying so please trust me on this -Nick S.


Am I use to use the login area for Cad. Because I can’t change the email on the account

can i get a new invite link to your discord this one is expired.

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Can you update the discord link

Said the discord invite expired, trying to get the free cad/mdt