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Free CAD/MDT GTA V Roleplay?

Hello, our cad was recently taken from us because the cad owner got salty now we are cadless… :frowning: we were hoping a kind soul might help us out with a free cad? Im desperate at this point… theres a community cad we technically have but its shared with about 10 other discord communities and our stuff keeps getting deleted so i was hoping someone would be kind to get us our own? idk

I’d be more than willing to create you a COMPLETELY FREE CAD just contact me on Discord at: MrKlizakRRG1#0115

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@rescuegaming1 can you make me one to?

your discord did not work m8

Evergreen Solutions has free products. But we are closed all week because our owner is going on to a camp. So maybe you can get a hold of us when we reopen?

Discord Invite Link:

Hi my discord
link is

Your discord code is not working (T_T)