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Matrix Solutions presents it’s first, Unlimited Community CAD/MDT!

We are proud to announce and release our newest CAD which will indeed be FREE!

The Cosmic CAD is a very simple, navigational and simplistic CAD easily usable by everyone. We will constantly be pushing out updates to better it and make it more customizable and usable per community. All you need to do is sign up at and create your community today. It is a free solution to fit any basic CAD needs. You can either create a community or join someone else by simply requesting access with a click of a button. This CAD will remain Free unless said otherwise!

Check it out today:

Those who currently have ordered a Free CAD from Matrix Solutions will need to switch over to the Cosmic CAD as over then next week, all current free CADs will be terminated.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Matrix Solutions. We thank you so much that we are offering 5% OFF anything and everything we offer! Get the deal today!


Thank You,
~ Benjamin M.
Matrix Solutions

how much backend

Currently I am not offering backend. I’d rather this not get out.