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FREE CAD/MDT System | Lunatic Solutions™

Hey, we’re Lunatic Solutions™
Are you looking for a FREE CAD/MDT System for your roleplay community? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer several feature-packed CAD/MDT Systems!

Free CAD/MDT -
BACKEND: FREE (After the Purchase of one Frontend CAD/MDT)
RESELLER: FREE (After the Purchase of one Backend/Reseller CAD/MDT)

Offers -
15 Departments
-3 Fire/EMS
-Court System
-Bail Bonds
-Full Customization
-Infinite Background Customizations
-Department Logos Customization
-Department Name Customization
-Department Head Panel
-Admin Panel
-Owner Panel
-Economy System
-Bank System
-Discord Integration
-Live Map (FiveM)
-Report LEO
-Request Department

We also offer several other PAID CAD/MDT Systems that are packed FULL of features and are frequently updated, unlike FREE CAD/MDT. FREE CAD/MDT is a working yet outdated CAD/MDT System.

To receive your Free CAD/MDT System all you have to do is join our Discord server and make a ticket!

Please note the FREE CAD/MDT System was NOT created by our developer team and all intellectual property rights go to their respectful owner. We are a free and licensed distributor of this CAD/MDT. All other CAD/MDT Systems offered by Lunatic Solutions™ are created and owned by Lunatic Solutions™.

Lunatic Solutions™ offers the BEST Free CAD/MDT System on the market!

Can I get a new invite link

Can you give me an invite code to the discord because it expired