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Hey Everybody! I have recently created a CAD/MDT and want to give it away to the public for free! It is based off the Shop-Modern-Solutions CAD/MDT but is not there template and is in no way associated with there CAD/MDT. In our CAD/MDT, we have 3 police departments, 1 fire/ems department, 1 dispatch department, and 1 civ department! All departments are heavily modified. For example, the Civ department has a custom Phone system as well as a Job menu that have 6 jobs preset built in. Some jobs like UBER, Tow, and Security link into Dispatch so they can connect them to a call or see who is online. Other jobs are on the Deep web like Arms Dealer and soon to come, Drug Dealer!

To receive the CAD/MDT, all you have to do is join this discord at and create a ticket by going into #request-a-cad and type -new CAD Request"

I am also looking for more jobs to add to the CAD/MDT so if you have any ideas, please leave a suggestion below and I will add it as soon as I see it! Hope you enjoy!

DEMO Link:
DEMO Email: [email protected]
DEMO Password: DEMO2018
Access Password: DEMO


We can now offer CAD/MDT to FiveM Integration!
Download Here

the link is invalid can u invite me my discord is willrobo7353#8894

Hello @robo7353 I believe the company your looking for has closed down. How ever if you would like here at galaxy productions we also have FREE CAD/MDT systems! If you would be interested feel free to Head over to our discord located here:

We also offer paid systems with high-end options but that’s your choice. Thank you have a good day.