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FREE CAD [NEW UPDATE} | Just join discord and create ticket! | Modern & tons of features!


Hello fellow role players,
You probably think that this tittle is click bait or has a catch like many CAD companies that say that sell free CADs. Well its true…

There will be tho some things that you will have to do to be able to get the free CAD but I promise it wont take more than 5 minutes to do them and they are complatlly FREE. You will be able to find the instruction on my discord:
Click here to join it

The CAD has many features and has a modern design, here are some of the features:

  • Discord integration.

  • Advanced admin panel.

  • Realistic ticket, incidents reports, and arrest reports.

  • DOJ style status buttons.

  • Self dispatch and/or dispatch system.

  • Customizable departments.

  • Announcements and Weazel News system.

  • Theme customization.

  • Sub departments.

  • Self dispatch system.

  • Dispatch system

  • Signal 100s and panic button, mayday buttons sounds.

  • Moder & Minimalistic design.

  • 24/7 support.

  • Not much branding.

  • Fast delivery.

  • Responsibe.

  • Eassy to use.

  • Much much more…


View some pictures

Almoast everithing you see here can be customized in the admin panel (appart from the power by cap_joan thing as its free cad, the other cap_joan logo is the server logo (yours, customizable via the admin panel)). If you want to test it out join the server and ask for a demo!

Login panel:

Index page:


Ticket/Incident report/Arrest report:

Admin panel:

To learn more just join the discord and create a new ticket by doing -new CAD in #bot-commands



Next editors edition giveaway will be when one of the following events happen:

  • We hit 75 followers on twitch.
  • We hit 50 subscribers on YouTube.
  • We get an average views of 3 in Twittch.

For you all saying its stole CAD or fake its not. I am doing it becasoue I wanna be nice. You just have to do 2 very simple steps that take not even 5 min and are FREE.


We are only 16 followers away from doing a big back end CAD/MDT giveaway. In the mean time we sitll doing the free front end cads!

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Only 5 away now!!! So close. We will proably give away arround 5 back end copies!

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This was a great way to get a free cad, I waited a couple of hours for it, it was worth it! The response time was good and so was the customer service. 10/10 Recommend.


They are doing the first giveaway!! So come soon before its over!

We just release a new version here is some information about it: FreeCAD V2 Information

Join our discord here!

This is honestly the best free CAD, I have got it, the delivery process was quick and easy and the CAD is working a dream!!! SO MANY COOL FEATURES

Can i get a new invite link. this cad we no longer offer but we have a new free cad solution

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New discord link:

can you send a new link as i want to join but i cant since the link is exspired

Can you send a new link please