Free hover plugin

Does anyone know of any free plugins when I can hover over an element and it will show a small popup like air alert for example?

Why do you need a plugin for that? You could make it using workflows

I just want something like this

When someone hovers over the input box it tells them more about that input

That’s called a tooltip. You should find a good one for free on the plugins tab.

Here is one example page using the Air Tooltip Plugin

Thank you!

What is the element id? How would I find that?

You need to enable it in settings:

Under the General Tab - Expose the option to add and ID…

Then, you set a unique ID manually on any element property page (at the bottom)

Is this it?

Yes. That is it. So you manually set a unique identifier on your element. Then in the Airtooltip, when it asks for a Trigger Element’s ID, that is what you need to put there.

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