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Free "How-to" on SEO, Content Marketing, Sales Copy Content - Miles Beckler

Hey Bubble Community - I’m sure there are a few of you out there doing the SEO, Content Marketing, Sales Copy, etc thing. As I started my journey in this fascinating area about 9 months ago, I came across Miles Beckler. He publishes a tremendous amount of free content (mostly YouTube videos) on “everything” related to being successful with online marketing (some of his videos show him “fingers on keyboard” creating FB ads or setting up a hosted Wordpress site with plugins).

This past week he posted a 35-minute video ( on how to identify and create a list of keywords for SEO. I tried the process and the tools from his video to create my own list of key words. Looking at my site statistics this week, the keywords I’m using because of what I learned in this video is driving above average traffic to my site.

If you’re wondering, I’m not an affiliate and not getting paid to pitch this. Miles gives away all of this content for free. Once in awhile he’ll suggest some tools in which he’s an affiliate but he’s up front with disclaiming it. I subscribed to his Youtube channel ( and rarely go to his site (

Just wanted to pass this info along as you may also find value in the free content he provides.


I just stumbled across this topic and started watching the videos by Miles Beckler. Second this, super helpful for a noob like me to understand SEO fundamentals.

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Hi nikolai!

I really found useful this advice by you. Miles really has a great introduction to this SEO and content marketing thing. I’d say that I’m kinda new in this digital world and I’m trying to learn as much as I can by myself by reading blogs and watching tutorials on YouTube. What I wanted to say is that if you want to read more about the basics, the best strategies, tips and tricks and more about digital marketing. I came across Paldesk while I was searching for the blogs to introduce myself in the digital marketing. To be more accurate, if you watch all these lessons by Miles Beckler, “SEO Mistakes To Avoid” blog post could be a great addition to your SEO knowledge which could prevent some of the mistakes that could be to crucial.

This is just my suggestion and I hope you’ll find my advice helpful.

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thanks for this this is great help for as a starter in SEO field

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Yes, You said right the miles beckler videos help to how to optimize the content and also help to increase the number of visitors using content marketing ideas. They have a great knowledge about the SEO, Content marketing and other .

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