Free native solutions to paid plugins

Wow, it’s a real knife fight out here in a world of Bubble plugin development! :sweat_smile:

I would say in case of my plugin here — Landing Page Animated Text Effects , it’s not in category of Plugins you don’t actually need.
Since if you want to have responsive landing page with this effect, which is kind of industry standard these days, you can’t do it natively.

This particular change was done at customer request, so it’s a real use case.
But please, do not delete me from the post by any means :sweat_smile:

Also, do not forget, Bubble takes 25% of sales, so your numbers, on my plugin at least, are not correct, and it’s even less than if you deduct 25%.

People can subscribe for one week and cancel, and they will be charged only for days they were subscribed.

That’s a pretty safe way to try out the plugin without paying full price.

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