Free online stretch & break reminder to prevent RSI and office pain

Hey there guys! Hope everyone is well :blush:

Go Stretch is a free online tool that reminds you to take quick breaks which help and prevent the symptoms of repetitive stress injuries. It reminds you every 15m to take 30s micro-breaks and every hour, 10m breaks using browser push notifications, so this allows anyone to use it no matter the OS on their desktop.

I just launched it this morning and posted it on Product Hunt. I would love for the community to help upvote it to spread awareness of this issue and most importantly prevent it to our fellow power users.

As a young designer and developer, I’ve suffered RSI for many years. If I had a simple and minimalist tool to remind me that I needed to stretch here and there in between short periods, I could’ve prevented years of pain along with five figures spent trying to diminish these symptoms. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone with how debilitating it can be some days.

Purchased all of the ergonomics you can think of from peripherals to standing desks and chairs. Don’t get me wrong, these are incredibly important, but nothing helped more than remembering to take short breaks in between work sessions. Hundreds of studies show not only does it prevent and relieve symptoms of repetitive stress injuries but boosts productivity at an all-time level.

Spending a few minutes every hour, getting up and moving around has really changed my life for not only my health where I can now get through the day but also solving design decisions and coding issues, where otherwise I’d frustratingly try to force through it and stress myself out.

Instead, taking a second to look over and breathe has improved my speed and quality of work output while reducing stress and improving my mental and physical well-being.

I’ve used many break apps that you can purchase, most only work on Mac and I spend half my time on Windows too … So, I figured why not develop a free online tool that simply reminds others via browser notifications that it’s time to take a quick stretch and provide resources why it’s important along with fast and easy stretches that really matter and take seconds.

Makes it accessible for everyone to use on a computer, being completely free and minimal where it’s not entirely distracting nor takes your computer hostage by locking you out on breaks.

I hope this helps others as much as it does for me. It’s the reason why I built this. Care for yourself like you take care of work.

Thanks for reading and checking this out! Greatly appreciate any feedback and thoughts.

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.