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[FREE PLUGIN] AI Proxy - ChatGPT, OpenAI, Claude, LlaMA, PaLM Real-Time Streaming

Thanks for trying out AI Proxy by CoAlias. I have a couple of favours to ask everyone here.

I am currently busy developing new features for the AI Proxy and would like to know a little bit more about you. Could you answer the following questions? I am awarding a $100 dollars amazon card to one of the respondents of this email!

1. What are you currently working on (and using AI for)?

2. What AI solutions are you currently using for your Bubble app?

3. What would be features we could add to AI Proxy plugin you would value?
Like being able to add documents/websites using an api, chat with them using an api, fine tune models

4. Could you review the AI Proxy plugin?

Could you email this to [email protected] ?

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I definitely need this token count added back—specifically for OpenRouter. If we’re going to manage the context length for end users, this is critical.

Unless you wanted to somehow handle context length for us… in which case, even better! :joy:

Hi @gaimed is any user data submitted to this plugin accessed or stored on any servers?

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@Stackapp no. But if you like you can host your own server using cloudflare:

I think I found a bug, and I would rather disclose it privately. What’s the best way to get a hold of you @gaimed?

Just dm it. Ill look into it :slight_smile: