🗓 [FREE Plugin] Air Date/Time Picker

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Essentially I want to display a time from the database that adjusts to a selected timezone.

I understand that displaying the time from the database and adjusting it to the selected timezone would be beneficial for your use case, unfortunately, currently, this is not possible.

As previously mentioned the timezone functionality within our plugin relies on Bubble’s inherent logic for handling timezones. This means that the picker always displays the time local to the user. When a timezone is specified in an element, the plugin calculates the time difference and reflects this in the states of the element.

This is a general limitation of all-time picker plugins, bubble’s own T/Picker operates the same way please find this Test page where we tried different scenarios including adding Bubble’s plugin. Unfortunately, we cannot influence how Bubble operates, but we can provide you with a suggestion:

We recommend using the “Current date/time” as the Initial Date in your setup. This approach ensures that you’re starting with a baseline that is consistent regardless of the user’s local timezone, and adapting your workflow around it.

We truly wish we could have done more to directly address your issue. :pensive:
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