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🗓 [FREE Plugin] Air Date/Time Picker

As I explained you can block only a list of dates.
So if you have a list of ranges, you will have to use some JavaScript with the toolbox plugin to convert the list of ranges to a list of dates and pass that to the plugin.
If you google how to convert a date range to a list in Javascript you will get some solutions.

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@seanhoots someone asked this question and not sure I was able to find the answer for it. Can you set the time picker to be a dropdown instead of the two sliders? It would help people with “big fingers” select time easily. Thanks

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@seanhoots I’ve got the latest version 3.1.1 installed, but I’m still noticing that the “clear picker” function is buggy. It clears the visual calendar, but does not clear the element’s value. Adding a button and attempting through an event action gives the same result. An action to reset the picker generates the following error: “The plugin Air Date/Time Picker / action reset a Air Date/Time Picker threw the following error: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined”

Love this plugin otherwise, and thank you so much for creating it for the Bubble community!

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bro how can i save the date, month and year as in separate data field in the database using air date time piker.?

I’m running into the same issue – did you find a workaround by chance?

@seanhoots Is there a trick to getting the picker’s “value list” to populate? It gives the appearance of allowing me to select multiple dates, both in the dropdown/list view and the inline view, but I cannot fetch the selected dates themselves and the inspector always shows the value list is empty. See screenshot:

Hopefully just user error. Any ideas?


I just tested the plugin on the latest version and the value list works as expected for the popup/dropdown.
When using inline there are some issues with multiple dates and I made a note about this in the element properties as shown below

The reason for the limitaton for the inline issue is that unlike the popup mode where I can detect the popup is closed and trigger value changed and publish the values, it’s impossible to know when a user has finished their selection when using the inline mode.
And I can’t publish the value on every change for performance reasons. Imagine that I was making publishing the values on every selection and a user was using the sliders for the timer, then as the user is dragging the element will be publishing several value change events and new values. So if you had a workflow to be triggered when a value changes, this workflow will be called several times as the user is dragging the time slider.
Its for this reason i disabled multiple values for the inline mode for now. There are ways to address this but will take a lot of time and effort which i don’t have now.

So simple answer is if you want to use multiple dates don’t use the inline mode.

You can use date range though for inline mode because with a range it requires selection of two dates so it’s possible to know when the selection is done to trigger the change event and publish the values.

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Thank you, that helps explain—I completely missed the note about multiples/inline. Still, I cannot get the value list to populate even when using dropdown instead of inline. In this screenshot, you can see I have made multiple selections (shown comma-separated where the picker dropdown would be) but in the inspector you can see that the value list is still empty.

It seems that no matter what I do, the value list is always empty.

I may just switch to ranges to keep it simple, though I think multiple values suits my need better. Either way … I do appreciate this plugin. Thanks!

What Happened?

Without warning, Air Date/Time Picker appears to be broken. What should be a date/time picker now looks like an input element.


This is serious! I just pushed some important changes live that have nothing to do with date/time picking but the date/time picker is out of commission everywhere I look.



Same issue Here!

The plugin Air Date/Time Picker / element Air Date/Time Picker threw the following error: [email protected]:// line 15 > Function:10:323 n/r.initialize/</</</<@ [email protected]:// (please report this to the plugin author)

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I have a plugin I built myself. It just broke too, and is throwing errors in the console. So it’s probably something with Bubble.

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I don’t know how to read that, but I know this is a serious problem for me and users.

We need a quick fix or . . .

I may need to roll back. But is it affecting live sites that didn’t push a recent update?

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It’s more wide spread, it looks like a major issue with CDN where the plugins are hosted

Thanks for that bit of perspective. I’ll sit tight for a while. This is more than a little over my head.

Hi Lawrence,
I haven’t touched the plugin in about 3 weeks now so if its suddenly broken then it might be coming from some changes on bubble’s end so file a bug report.

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I have the same issue!!


Same here. @emmanuel, @seanhoots said it might be because of Bubble?

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@edd have you found a solution to this issue or heard back from @seanhoots about the Multiple Dates List not populating in versions 2.10 and up?
(Value list always remains empty)

I had to revert to version 2.9 for the Multiple Dates to work properly - the unfortunate part is now I cannot Clear/Reset the input after it is used because there is a bug, which was fixed in a later update


No, but good to know about the earlier version. I don’t think the reset issue will be a problem in my case. Thanks!

Hey, I’m getting an issue with how the time picker looks on mobile, the text becomes off-center.

Anyone else having this issue?

Desktop Squeezed to mobile size looks fine:

iPhone 375px weird text centering: