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🗓 [FREE Plugin] Air Date/Time Picker


This will be a really great additional feature because using dates in bubble is a real struggle sometimes !!
I’m still not sure why but using date classical inputs as datevalue1 and datevalue2 for a range doesn’t seem to work. It evens causes the Russian date problem ?
I’ll be on standby with the first TimePicker for now !

Thanks for your reactivity !
All the best

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Hey @ZeroqodeSupport !

It’s me again. I’ve encountered an other problem using the TimePicker V2 workflows.
I cannot empty a TimePicker so that it no longer has a value associated with but displays the placeholder.

Here’s a video: TimePicker V2 worflows not working
I tried both ‘‘clear selected dates’’ and ‘‘set dates’’ with an empty value:

Is there any way to achieve this ?
Thanks again,

Best regards

Hi @guillaume4!

We’ve tested the ‘‘clear selected dates" action and it works well on our side. In order to clear the selected date, you need to use the ‘‘clear selected dates" action when “ajoutez une ancienne caisse” is clicked. In this case, every time you click this text element to select a date, the placeholder “TimepickerV2 - JOOO” (champ requis) should appear.

In case the issue still persists, please share the details of your setup (screenshots, workflow). This will allow us to identify any possible cause much faster. :pray:t2:

Zeroqode Support Team

Hello @guillaume4,
Thank you so much for your patience!

We’ve updated the plugin, and added fields “Initial range start date” & “Initial range end date” as in the old plugin element, here:

Besides, we’ve fixed the issue with placeholder language. Kindly ask you to upgrade your plugin to the latest version (3.33.0) and give it a try. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team