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🦊 [Free Plugin] MetaMask Login by NovaBloq

Take a look how it is implemented in the demo page.

Yes, see the state “User Public ID”

:raising_hand_man:t3: Also very interested in a more advanced paid version

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Yep, interested in the paid version :v:

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yes - very interested in an advanced version

What is the latest on this? Would love to be able to generate a signature ID on behalf of a logged in user.

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A metamask kitchen sink would be the ultimate bubble plugin

name your price @ezdev - food for thought if you need some motivation…I’d contribute to a crowdfunding campaign for this, placing one on or gitcoin grants could get some additional exposure as well

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Hey @mitchell , PRO version is on bubble review already so think it will be available soon and will have all that you need there !

Stay tuned, we will post when it will be on market

Regards Pavel, EzCode Team !

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Yessss! You guys are on fire. Thanks, Pavel for the status update and for making these awesome plugins.

Thank you for the idea of posting about it on

We have published the project there with details on what has been done already.

Anyone who will contribute will get the plugin for free when it will be released.
(More details about it soon)

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We have released the advanced version.

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Hi Guys,
Amazing tool and will have a look at the advanced MetaMask Plugin soon as well. A couple of questions concerning this login plugin. Sorry if some of them are basic questions, just started using bubble:

1. How would I combine this tool with an email & password login? Meaning, to give users the option to login either with an email and password or use their metamask. When I try to add an action to the metamask login workflow such as “accounts”–>“sign user up” or “log user in” it throws an issue if password and email are empty for the user.

2. Login functionality of the Free Login Plugin also included the Advanced plugin or do I need to install both?

Hi @mol

  1. We have an example of how to sing up a user with email & password using only MetaMask, however, you will have to use the advanced version as there are a few additional steps to do.
    Here is the example

  2. It is included in advanced, you don’t have to use both :wink:

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Thanks for the super quick response and info guys. In that case, we will upgrade to the full version in the next days. Looking forward to learning about the other functionalities as well.


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Hi! Im wondering if there’s a smooth way to connect a username to a MetaMask Account.

Log in with metamask → Type username

Great Web3 plugins! Thansk

Hello, can I make this be functional to mint NFT’s? basically the ability to communicate with an Ethereum smart contract and purchase it through a UI experience

Hi, you can but with the main pro version of the plugin that has all the features you need
Web3 & Metamask

I got the pro. if the smart contract has a mint functionality can I pass 2 values?

Yes, check the plugin demo pages + there’s a video demo in the plugin documentation.
If you will have further questions, check the Web3 & Metamask Forum thread.

Hello, I have a problem in this development

(START | Hestia ) , basically what I did was connect the metamask plugin and try to make an exchange as shown in this link. Every time I indicate an amount that I want to exchange, everything works fine, but when I send the amount to perform the operation in metamask, the amount that results in metamask is very large and I don’t understand why…