[FREE PLUGIN] Moment Timezone - Date Manipulation

Hi All!

I’ve been using Moment Timezone library as private technical plugin for some time and decided to make it public. Though I only used a few functions, I’ve exposed most of them just for the case. I didn’t test them all (was too lazy, sorry), and if you find any bugs, please post it here and I’ll fix it quickly.

There’s no separate documentation about this plugin, but there is extensive documentation about moment.js and moment-timezone.js libraries available at Moment.js and Moment Timezone. As this plugin directly exposes functions provided by these libraries, please address links above for more details.

This plugin includes server actions and invisible UI elements that allow the following:

  • Get and change particular component of the date (year, month, date, day of week and etc…);
  • Calculate start and end of periods (month, week, year, etc… locale and time zone aware);
  • Calculate “some time ago” and “in some time”;
  • Parse from and format to locale-specific format patterns;
  • Calculate dates in different time zones.

Here’s the plugin page: Moment Timezone Plugin | Bubble


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