[Free Plugin] Polkadot Wallet by EzCode

polkadot Polkadot.js

We are continuing to bring Web3 tools to NoCode.
This time, presenting a tool to connect your app to the Polkadot ecosystem.

Implement features

Wallet extension:

  • Connect to the polkadot.js extension wallet
  • Sign a message
  • Sign and Send Transaction
  • Set a custom RPC url
  • Detect if extension is installed
  • List connected wallets and their names


  • Generate Mnemonic
  • Validate Address
  • Encrypt & Decrypt Messages
  • Generate a Multisig Account
  • Verify Signature
  • Hash Data

More features to be added with further updates.

The plugin has 2 separate elements, Polkadot Wallet and Polkadot Utils.

Wallet Demo (works with Polkadto.js extension)

Utils Demo

Marketplace: Polkadot Wallet Plugin | Bubble
Documentation: https://polkadotjs.docs.ezcodeplugins.com/

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries and we’ll be happy to find a solution for your ideas.

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Update v.2.0

Added 2 new core elements, API and Keyring that brings a lot of new features.

API Demo

Keyring demo

See details about each feature and how to implement it in the updated documentation

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This plugin is free thanks to Web3 Foundation :fire: