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🚀 [Free Plugin] Rarible SDK - NFT Marketplace By EzCode

This thing is incredible great!
And to bring it into a no code community like bubble is really valuable!

I’ll be using it in a short time period!

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I want to show all my owned items but I cannot find it in demo app. Anyone can help? thanks


We are working on a separate demo page to load owned items.
It will be available soon


Hi everyone!
Please update to the latest version 2.1
Fixed a critical bug with Order Steps not being asynchronous that could create issues while placing/accepting a bid.

This looks incredible, I’ve just had a play with the demo.

Quick question (not necessarily plug-in related)

I noticed that the collection lands into a “Rarible” collection along with many random other designer (albeit they are all tests)… can you set this so that lazy minted NFT’s can land in your own dedicated collection?

Also… will these minted NFT’s be available in OpenSea if you use this plugin?



Hi @shaun
Glad that you liked the plugin!

Yes of course, you can use your own custom contract. Look into their documentation about it.

Yes, we are working on a few ways to improve the plugin in a way that all new minted NFTs would be instantly visible on OpenSea (currently they appear after some time)
Also, keep in mind that the lazy minted ones will not be visible until they will be minted on the blockchain.

Is-it possible to show all my owned nft items with the new version?

I’am looking for do a clone of the marketplace of Sorare (

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Check out the rarible API reference:

Do a repeating group with get data from API then look up the call with the data you need using the API docs.

rarible api

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We have setup a demo page here

Look into editor to see how it works.

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I’m having trouble accepting a bid order.

I can successfully create a bid. I then pass the bid order hash to the ‘fill an order’ action.

But then my MetaMask looks like this:


The price is zero eth (should be 0.1) and the transactions are failing.

Any ideas?

I noticed this bug when the previous owner of the item is the bidder, is this your case?

So the owner A sells to newOwner B
owner A place a bid and the newOwner B accepts it.

Nope, that’s not the case. Any other ideas?

Can ‘create a bid order’ and ‘fill an order’ happen on the same page? The demo has these on separate pages. But I want buyers to instantly buy.

I’ve got 2 workflow steps.
Step 1 ‘create an order.’
Step 2 ‘once a bid order placed’ > fill an order using rarible element’s order hash.

(I’m not using sell orders because I want the buyer to specify a dynamic origin fee.)

Yes, but make sure that you create a bid order with a wallet that is not the owner, and then you accept the bid with the owner wallet only.

Sorry, I’m missing something. How do you accept the bid with the owner wallet only?
The only option I see on accept bid is order hash.
fill ordre

I am using two different wallets for Order Creator and NFT Owner on the create bid step if that’s what you mean.

Oh I’m sorry if I confused you.
Here’s a short example of what I meant:
Wallet A Mints an NFT
Wallet B places a BID
Wallet A accepts the BID.

So what I meant is that make sure you are logged in with Wallet A when accepting the BID.

That makes sense. So is it even possible to create a bid and accept it within the same workflow?

I want the buyer to specify the origin fee (this is a tip to the platform). But I also want buys to happen instantly. I don’t want to have to send a notification over to the seller to accept the bid.

How do you imagine that to happen?
In a single workflow to place a bid from wallet B and in the next step accept the bid from wallet B? Not possible.

For this case use the create SELL order, and the buyer will buy it without the seller to accept it.

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I think there may be an issue with the mint action. I have tried to mint from the demo page a couple of times and it just gets stuck on the loading screen.

I had set my app up a couple of weeks ago and I could mint the NFT’s and view them on Rarible no problem. Over the last couple of days, it stopped working for me. I would execute the workflow and everything except the mint action in the workflow would run.

Do you guys think you could check that out and see if it’s the same for anyone else?

Thank you!

There was a small bug in the demo page, we have fixed it. Thank you for the feedback

Great plugin!

Can I lazy mint on the mainnet?