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🚀 [Free Plugin] Rarible SDK - NFT Marketplace By EzCode

For me when adding in 1 for supply it forces it to mint an ERC115 token, but if you point it at an ERC720 contract address it mints but the NFT is corrupt and can’t be transfered. So it looks like it’s only working for ERC 115.

Interesting. I haven’t tried transferring yet, but I was having the same problem with an ERC1115 token being minted instead of ERC721. I’m not having that problem anymore though. I’m not sure which change allowed for ERC721 minting again.

Looks like @eazycode may have just pushed an update. I saw that there was a plugin update from 3.1.3 to 3.1.5 and now it seems to be working for lazy mint ERC721 with supply left blank. Hurray. Thank you. It looks like there may also be an issue with royalties… it’s pushing through a royalty amount correctly but it’s assigning it to the minting wallet rather than the royalty wallet specified.


Yes it was fixed shortly after the bug appeared.
Sorry that we didn’t notified you here guys, just make sure you are always on the latest version.

also experiencing this issue – were you able to troubleshoot this?

Perhaps it’s required to upgrade from the free “Connect Metamask” plugin to the “Metamask & Web3 plugin”?

Actually experiencing slightly different issue to one described above. Any clue what the problem is here?

It is not required, you can use the free one as long as it fits your use case.

Does it happens all the time? Also, is your plugin on the latest version? Take a look, make sure that it is.

Send me a link to your app in PM, I’ll take a look

The official Rarible documentation now has a separate page for our plugin :partying_face:

Issue resolved thanks for help from dev!

Solution: moved Mint element outside of group