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🚀 [Free Plugin] Rarible SDK - NFT Marketplace By EzCode

I’m getting an error that I can’t seem to resolve so reaching out:
The plugin Rarible SDK - NFT Marketplace / action Mint a Rarible SDK threw the following error: [email protected]_1627909974342x941739732723564500/Rarible-SDK—NFT-Marketplace-element_action–Rarible-SDK-Mint-.js:71:19
[389]</t.prototype._interpret_raw_plugin_def/[email protected] (please report this to the plugin author)


I tried using your show_items and realised it also recovers NFT that is already sold by the wallet. Is there a fix around this?

For anyone wondering, this is because the element was not visible on the page. Easy fix!

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Yep, we actually mentioned about it in the plugin instructions:

Could be an issue for testnet. Do this API call in your app and see other parameters in the response that may help you.

Hmm tried different configs on the SDK but still don’t seem to work.

If anyone else has a fix please sure!

Yesterday the Rarible testnet APIs weren’t working. Looks like it works today, so try again.

Important Update v.4.3.0

  1. Added support for TEZOS
  2. Fixed transfer and burn action
  3. Fixed a few bugs on polygon chain
  4. Changed the Environment field to a dropdown!
    If you have conditionals that changes the environment, you will have to change it to the new dropdown.
  5. New actions to Connect and Disconnect Tezos wallet
  6. New Event - Tezos wallet Connected
  7. New State - Is Tezos Wallet Conencted (Yes/No)

Tezos test Smart Contract for NFT minting: KT1DK9ArYc2QVgqr4jz46WnWt5g9zsE3Cifb NOTE - Tezos doesn’t support lazy minting yet.

In your demo for show-items you used the wrong API call (All items by owner), hence the results also display items without ownership. Might want to change that?

I’m in the process of updating the demo pages to reflect all latest major updates, this page will be changed as-well.
Thank your for the feedback!

Update v.4.4

Create new NFT Collections!

We are working on a demo page for this feature, it will be available a bit later.

Is it possible to use a non-Rarible contract with this plugin? Would like to use my own ERC721 contract but running into Metamask errors when I change the Token Contract field on the Mint action.

No, the contract must be done on Rarible, you can create your own using the action Create NFT Collection.