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🚀 [Free Plugin] Rarible SDK - NFT Marketplace By NovaBloq

Sorry, I’m missing something. How do you accept the bid with the owner wallet only?
The only option I see on accept bid is order hash.
fill ordre

I am using two different wallets for Order Creator and NFT Owner on the create bid step if that’s what you mean.

Oh I’m sorry if I confused you.
Here’s a short example of what I meant:
Wallet A Mints an NFT
Wallet B places a BID
Wallet A accepts the BID.

So what I meant is that make sure you are logged in with Wallet A when accepting the BID.

That makes sense. So is it even possible to create a bid and accept it within the same workflow?

I want the buyer to specify the origin fee (this is a tip to the platform). But I also want buys to happen instantly. I don’t want to have to send a notification over to the seller to accept the bid.

How do you imagine that to happen?
In a single workflow to place a bid from wallet B and in the next step accept the bid from wallet B? Not possible.

For this case use the create SELL order, and the buyer will buy it without the seller to accept it.

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I think there may be an issue with the mint action. I have tried to mint from the demo page a couple of times and it just gets stuck on the loading screen.

I had set my app up a couple of weeks ago and I could mint the NFT’s and view them on Rarible no problem. Over the last couple of days, it stopped working for me. I would execute the workflow and everything except the mint action in the workflow would run.

Do you guys think you could check that out and see if it’s the same for anyone else?

Thank you!

There was a small bug in the demo page, we have fixed it. Thank you for the feedback

Great plugin!

Can I lazy mint on the mainnet?

Yes of course. All the features from testnet are available on mainnet.

I’m having trouble with the origin fee. I get the following error:

origin fee

I’m also using a royalty, following the demo editor, and it works fine. I set my origin fee up the same way and it doesn’t work.

In my debugger I can see there is a wallet:amount value for origin fee.

I’ve tried both a whole number (0xabc:5) and a decimal (0xabc:0.5). Doesn’t work either way.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Please make sure you have the latest version of the plugin that is 2.2.3

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Hello! I develop a mvp in AI and NFT sphere. And it’s very necessary for the project to have my own primitive NFT-marketplace. So, I’ve tried to realize it using your , and it didn’t work… Can you, please, give me an access to your one2all bubble-project to see how u created it? It will save me a lot of time. Thank u!

Hi there!

Can you please let us know what exactly didn’t worked? We are constantly working on this project and any feedback is welcome!
Also this project is still in beta and works only in testnet, FYI.

Do you know if L2 minting will be an option at some point?

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Yes, they are already working on L2 options from my knowledge.

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Sorry for the constant Qs. I’m grateful for this plugin!

I thought royalties only applied to subsequent sales.

But in tests, I see royalties apply on the first purchase. Is this the intended behavior?

I couldn’t find anything on this in either your or Rarible’s docs.

Royalties can be applied every time when putting on sale. Considering the sale was made on your platform, you can control it for each sale.
This is what I understand from their docs and seeing in tests.

Attention! Important update.

All API calls that have NFT Order in the name will be shut down by the Rarible Team. It will be replaced with other similar calls that have the same responses.
We will update the plugin in a few days with new API calls, please do not use NFT Order API calls for now.

what could be the reason to get this error?


Is the plugin on the latest version in your app?
Is MetaMask installed in your browser?

You could also send a link to your app where you test it.

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future eddy : look here !

I’ve seen on discord this project

@ezdev, can this plugin interact with xDai chain ?