👀 [FREE PLUGIN] Viewport Detector

Hey Bubblers, we’ve launched a free viewport plugin, enabling you to effortlessly identify whether a specific element is currently within the viewport. This plugin offers seamless integration of viewport tracking capabilities into your Bubble app so you can enhance user experiences, trigger animations, or execute actions based on element visibility.

Download the plugin for free here:

Get step by step instructions here:

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hey @goodspeed can you give acces to the editor ?
I’ve tried to use the plugin, it does not work on my app and I’ld like to compare configurations


Thanks for your help
Now I’ve understood the configuration :slight_smile:

Great work :clap:

I’ve seen other similar plugins relying on “check every x seconds” to see what is within the viewport. As you may guess, it is very WU consuming. Does your plugin work the same way?

Thanks @Bobome .
Nope we don’t do any checks every second, and so it doesn’t consume any WUs. We have a JavaScript library that is responsible for the detection. As you can see here from the editor Goodspeedplugins | Bubble Editor we have no actions and events in the workflows. Let me know if you need any help.

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