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[Free Plugin] Wonderful Image Slider - UPDATE

We do not get this error. Perhaps deleting the element and recreating it would be the solution. If that’s not the problem, can you create a new page and check again?

We detected this issue and sent a fix.

It was an error when the image list field was left blank. We fixed that too

Please update the version and refresh your editor.

Please let me know if the problems persists

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I can’t seem to find out how to link text to the slider to change when the slide image changes. It is possible to make it a data source?

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Thanks @eren, looks like it’s working as expected now. There were a couple of other bugs I wanted to bring up too (running version 1.3.0) - and have created a demo page to help you replicate them;


  1. When the underlying list of a repeating group changes, the image list for that slider doesn’t update. To replicate, load the page above and note that the top item is a Persian cat called Doug. When you click the button ‘Tabby only please’, it changes the list of the repeating group to only show cats with a ‘Tabby’ breed. This updates the text, however it doesn’t update the image slider images and you still see Doug’s images. It should automatically update the slider images to show the images associated with Sam the tabby.

  2. The colours of the arrows and dots seem to have a bug. With a fresh load of the page, the dots are blue, even though they are both set to white. When you click ‘See larger’, the arrows and dots are supposed to be red, but I see the arrows as red, but the dots as blue. Then when closing the popup, the dots on the repeating group sliders are now red. Interacting with the ‘Tabby only please’ or ‘Show all’ buttons seem to fix it for the sliders in the repeating group. View the editor link to see the settings for these sliders and that should help clarify.

Please let me know if you have trouble replicating these issues or whether it’s a simple configuration mistake on my end!

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It does not support this feature yet, we may have surprises in the near future :wink:


Thanks for the detailed explanation and examples. It seems that there is no problem with the application you prepared.

I will be back as soon as possible.

Hello again;

We have added two new actions. Remove All Slides and Add List . You can find this options under the element actions.

This way, you can update the slider while sending new data to the containers like popups.

However, it was not possible to reference the elements in the RG. It looks like we fixed the problem using another wonderful free plugin here. Thanks to @vini_brito again;

If you follow the steps below I guess it will work as you wish.

1 - Insert the maestro element anywhere on the page. Add musicians to RG.

2- Don’t be forget to initiliaze Musicians

3- While setting filtering options and set Trigger musicians under Maestro A

4- Run the event named “Musicians A Will run this workflow inside each cell”

Remove All Slides
Add a pause before next action (10+ ms is enough but we edited it as 50)
Add A list - Note that you must call the URL of the image.

and result


Editor :

We believe that this problem has been completely solved.

You can check here

Have fun!

Note that: We had to give up the dynamic bullets feature to activate some features. Also, the “image list” field in the conditioning tab will probably not work.

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Hi @eren

Thank you for your work on this - can confirm that it’s now working as expected in my use-case.

Thank you for coming up with a fix for this - Orchestra is an incredibly powerful plugin (once you get your head around it!). Hopefully in future this plugin is able to work without the reliance on Orchestra.

Can confirm that it looks like this is solved too.

It’s a shame that you had to deprecate dynamic bullets but hopefully they can make a comeback in the future! Thanks again for coming up with such a neat free plugin.

Awesome. and thanks for making it free. Will be using it for the autoplay feature soon.

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Glad it works! We will see what the next days will show


Congrats @eren! Really nice work there mate, solid plugin that a lot of people will benefit from!

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Thank you @luke2 for your nice words!

We just released 3 new features!

You can now add text and link! You can also add shadows to arrows, dots, and text!

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This plugin is great! Thanks.
I used it right away and it’s very good.

I couldn’t do this with slick slideshow, but can I change the position of the dots in the future?

Another question I would like to ask is: do you plan to add a feature like slick slideshow that allows you to specify individual images?
Since I was using slick slideshow, I haven’t saved the data as a list, are you planning to support the ability to specify individual images as slick slideshow does?

Hi @monro


We took note, but I can’t promise when it will happen. I will let you know when we finish.

I don’t think we’re going to change this, it should still be working as you expected.

If you want, send a PM with a link from your app editor. Let’s see what we can do

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Hello folks!

The most powerfull slider in the marketplace!

Thanks @eren for your great work!

I had to use css to customize the progress bar color. Am I missing something in the customization ?

Thank you @stephane

We don’t support this feature yet, but noted!

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Hey @eren

I just pushed a little bit more the slider and I noticed an issue with the slider inside a repeating group :sweat_smile:

I just recorded a demo :

Please review this post.

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Hello! We have great news!

We have defined the “ActiveIndex” state in the plugin so that you can see which slide you are on in your slider. This value will be updated as you switch between your slides. You can use your “ActiveIndex” value in workflows and condition tab!

Plugin Page


Don’t forget to upgrade the plugin to the latest version and restart the editor!


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Hey @eren,

I’ve been using your plugin for a while now and for the most part, it’s working really well but I was wondering if it were possible for it to resize images on the server before it pulls them in?

I currently have a slider which is only 300px wide, but it still loads the full sized image which might be 3000px wide. Native Bubble image elements pull a resized version of the image so the original source image is the same size as the element.

I have a repeating group of image sliders which might have up to 10 images each so there really is considerable page speed improvements if this is possible.

Let me know what you think!

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