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[Free Plugin] Wonderful Image Slider - UPDATE

Are you able to share a link to your editor?

Without diving into it, top of mind for me would be adding two workflow actions that are triggered each time a file is uploaded via the multi-file uploader. I’d recommend reading this comment; [Free Plugin] Wonderful Image Slider - UPDATE

I’m not sure that the multi-file uploader offers any events for you to trigger this off, so you might have to play around with setting custom states and using the ‘Do when condition is true’ workflow trigger.


Ah that comment’s fix worked. Thank you!

Hi @eren,

Just another feature enhancement for perhaps another day, but it would be great if we were able to add alt text to each of the images for SEO? It’s simply stored in another field in the same table, just need to be able to dynamically reference it.

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Duly noted!

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Hey @eren, did you have a chance to look at this?

Hello folks,

We will no longer be able to support this plugin.

But we promise the following.

1- It will never be removed from the marketplace by us.
2- If it stops working due to possible changes made by Bubble or in any way, we will make it work again.

Please check,

Wonderful Image and Video slider has been updated. You can follow the updates about the new version from this link.



I dont know why, but on one of my pages this plugin stop working. What I can see is:


Hello, @kamil.tarczynski

Most likely there is a problem with the data. Make sure that all elements of the list you have defined as an image list have an image.

If your problem is not resolved, please contact again.


Hello @Efe,

Your second plugin and every other plugins in this type works perfectly with same data.

Hello @kamil.tarczynski

There is no problem with the plugin, it works fine on the preview page.

Could you please create a new page and try to run the plugin with the same data?

Hi @eren
I really love this plugin and using it on several screens. Thank you very much for providing it!

what I want to implement is that

  1. We have the portfolio section, which is the repeating group with images.
  2. if they tap the image, we will show the big one as popup and that will be the slider, so users can swipe to see the next image of the repeating group.
  3. When we tap the image of the repeating group, can we set the Activeindex as “Current cell’s index”, so when they tap any image, we will show that image on the slider.

You can check the video and the below link’s portfolio section.

thank you in advance!

Hello @yukiar34

We are glad you liked it.

I guess you want a feature like this. To do this, you have to use the Wonderful Video & Image Slider.


Hi @eren
Exactly, will purchase it then! thank you!

Hi @eren

I purchased Wonderful Video & Image Slider.
but it didn’t work…

Can you check this portfolio section and let me know what is wrong?..

Thank you,

That way I can’t understand it but if you are using this plugin with RGs please check out this post, if you have done these and it didn’t work please set the app editor for everyone to see and send the link as a PM. Let me have a look.


how we can add alt on image passed? it is affecting SEO

Great question. I always thought that this wasn’t built into the plugin but looking at the configuration, it seems that it is specified, but doesn’t seem to be appearing in the editor?

@eren any ideas?



Yes, this feature was added a long time ago, a bug occurred when we added this feature.

When we created a field, the plugin editor was creating a field by itself. After the Bubble team fixed this bug, we skipped sending the new version :see_no_evil:

Please switch to the new version. :innocent:

Thanks @eren, can confirm it’s pulling through.

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I just downloaded this and it doesn’t seem to work with dynamic images…
In my app, when I click on an item, I have a workflow that triggers a popup. When the popup loads, it contains various information about the item that was clicked on, including images. I can get it to work with a standard repeating group, but with this plugin, the images get stuck on whatever list of images are loaded the first time I open a popup… I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if this just simply can’t re-load a new/dynamic set of images based on the parent group…

Note that I am not using inside a repeating group and I’m “Removing all slides” and then trying to “Add a list” before revealing the popup

Update: Through testing, I’ve discovered this is more of an order of operations issue… For some reason, no matter what I do, I can’t get the “Add a list” to work on the first time a group is clicked, but it works ever time after that…