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[Free Plugin] Wonderful Image Slider - UPDATE

Hi @Efe ,

Please can you help? I’m unable to show images in the slider after the first instance is shown. I’ve attached a video to demonstrate the issue and to show my workflow setup. Privacy isn’t causing the issue as I’m showing the images in a debugger RG below the slider.

Let me know what else I can do to help you help me :slight_smile:





Thanks for the detailed explanation.

I’ve just created a page that close to your use-case. Please examine it and feel free to contact me again if you are still experiencing the same issue.



Hi @Efe Thanks so much for the rapid response. I am however still struggling with this… More detail is in the video.

The only difference between the solution you gave and the one I have is that my images are Base-64 encoded… could that be causing an issue?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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@efe I’ve solved it. I knew if I sent you a reply I’d figure it out much quicker, always seems to happen! a good thing I guess.

The problem was that in the workflow, I had Use Imgix set to yes. It probably wasn’t enjoying the Base64 encoding on the images. I’ve now set this to No and voila, it’s working.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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i am using the Wonderfull Image slider. I have a problem with it and can’t figure it out :sweat_smile:
I am doing a single page app and change page using a ‘page’ parameter in the url and an other parameter called ‘u’.
The wonderfull image list is a search for pics depending on this U parameter.
The problem is that the slider doesn’t update when the U parameter change .

What is the best way to do it?

Thank you in Advance

Fab the beginner

Hello, @beurton

You need to remove and add slides after the parameter changed.


Thanks for the reply,
you mean on page load workflow. I have tried but my slider is then empty (like the addlist doesn’t do anything)
ps: I have an error:
Bug in custom codeTypeError: a.replace is not a function
at HTMLDocument.eval (PLUGIN_1599995578736x177952455708377100/Wonderful-Image-Slider-element_action–Wonderful-Image-Slider-Add-A-List-.js:4:460)
at j (
at k (
at root (

PS2: my workflow:

Thanks in advance for your help :sweat_smile:


I think you are having trouble with the list you defined in the “add list” action. Are you sure you have defined an image list?

Could you add a arrow size option ?

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Hey, @cassanelligiovannia

We have previously announced that we have stopped adding features to the free Wonderful Image Slider plugin. Thanks for the feedback though.