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[Free Plugin] Wonderful Image Slider

Hello wonderful community!

We’re excited to release our first plugin! :partying_face:

Wonderful Image Slider plugin on the marketplace for free! :metal:


Pagination options

  • Arrows
  • Dots
  • Dynamic bullets
  • Progress Bar
  • Fraction
  • Scrollbar

Other options

Centered Slide

  • All slides will be centered.

Free Mode

  • Slider not focus on any slide.

Grab Cursor

  • Mouse cursor changes to grabber

Switching with keyboard or mousewheel

Slides run in loop


Customizable arrows, bullets, background of images and more!

Plugin page




Awesome, congrats on a job well done! Very clean and simple. The fact that it’s free makes it even more beautiful :clap:


Need extra help?

Book a free 15 minutes call - happy to help if I can

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Thank you @ambroisedlg

I think the entire Bubble community has been waiting for a free plugin like this - thanks @eren!

Really appreciate all the modern slider functionality and the neat settings around scrolling and keyboard shortcuts - plus the fact that it works well in repeating groups (although I will say that sometimes the pagination dots default to blue for random cells).

Some initial feedback - would be great if we had the option to also add a shadow to the navigation arrows and pagination dots so that they stand out a bit better. I also seem to run into issues with it not working correctly when placed in a popup - it doesn’t seem to respect certain settings and I can’t actually swipe to see subsequent images.

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Thank you @juicebox Glad you like it!

Noted! We will see what we can do in the coming days.

@eren Just downloaded - Ran into a minor issue (running Version 1.2):

We do not get this error. Perhaps deleting the element and recreating it would be the solution. If that’s not the problem, can you create a new page and check again?

We detected this issue and sent a fix.

It was an error when the image list field was left blank. We fixed that too

Please update the version and refresh your editor.

Please let me know if the problems persists

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I can’t seem to find out how to link text to the slider to change when the slide image changes. It is possible to make it a data source?

Thanks @eren, looks like it’s working as expected now. There were a couple of other bugs I wanted to bring up too (running version 1.3.0) - and have created a demo page to help you replicate them;


  1. When the underlying list of a repeating group changes, the image list for that slider doesn’t update. To replicate, load the page above and note that the top item is a Persian cat called Doug. When you click the button ‘Tabby only please’, it changes the list of the repeating group to only show cats with a ‘Tabby’ breed. This updates the text, however it doesn’t update the image slider images and you still see Doug’s images. It should automatically update the slider images to show the images associated with Sam the tabby.

  2. The colours of the arrows and dots seem to have a bug. With a fresh load of the page, the dots are blue, even though they are both set to white. When you click ‘See larger’, the arrows and dots are supposed to be red, but I see the arrows as red, but the dots as blue. Then when closing the popup, the dots on the repeating group sliders are now red. Interacting with the ‘Tabby only please’ or ‘Show all’ buttons seem to fix it for the sliders in the repeating group. View the editor link to see the settings for these sliders and that should help clarify.

Please let me know if you have trouble replicating these issues or whether it’s a simple configuration mistake on my end!


It does not support this feature yet, we may have surprises in the near future :wink:


Thanks for the detailed explanation and examples. It seems that there is no problem with the application you prepared.

I will be back as soon as possible.