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We’ve added a tutorial at for how to implement video chat on your app (using Jitsi) for your users.

The tutorial encompasses:

  • How a user ‘Starts’ a video chat
  • How other users can see upcoming video chats
  • How they can join in a video chat

The tutorial shows how to display the video chats within your bubble app pages.

Great for workshop apps, and really anything!


This is awesome @lantzgould, thank you for the step by step video. Looking forward for the your plugin.
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Is embedded version possible to be mobile responsive?

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Jitsi by default on mobile will want you to open in the Jitsi mobile app. If you’re running jitsi on your own, this is possible by editing the config.js file and setting the:

disableDeepLinking: true,


@Nocodify , Thanks for sharing a wonderful video of video conferencing software. This video tutorial helps me and your followers.

Of course! Thank you!

@lantzgould - this is awesome, thanks so much.

anyone know how to solve for the fact that when you are hosting the chat in an iframe and resize the browser window you are forced to log back into the video chat? I think this is because of how bubble handles iframes?

I’m curious if anyone has had any luck finding a hosting service that will provide Jitsi as a service? Meaning, they manage the installation, servers, upgrades, etc? I can’t seem to find one online. I’d gladly pay a monthly fee to have this “as a service” so I don’t have to manage the server side.

I’m guessing it’s against Jitsi’s terms to do something like that?

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@lantzgould thanks for sharing amazing tutorials and zoom integration source url.

Hey, do you know how I can enable a login/signup prompt before the person gets access to the video chat - like how it happens on zoom? On zoom you need to add your name and email before getting into the chat - just like that.

I think you will have to do that within bubble.
Just manage the workflows to prompt a popup asking for credentials or a login popup before navigating to the video.

Yeah, that I did, you can’t access the page where I have embedded the video chat unless you sign in. But then jitsi also provides internal links that can be shared to invite others. I wanted to prevent doing that.

Thanks for the tutorial!

There are many similar topics, yet no other has came to a solid conclusion.

We are making a video chat up with rooms with up to 4 persons capacity, and we don’t have money either for a ready to use api or for running an open source video chat service on our server.

Recently read that Jitsi meet is using webrtc and is p2p. Does this means that if we implement it on our server, the calls will cost us no bandwidth at all?

Can the recording be saved to our bubble app storage?


Yes, but only for 2-party calls. For 3 or more participants, JVB (Jitsi Video Bridge) is used - which is basically a software router for video streams - and that will require sufficient server resources.

No; nor would you want to. Saving captured video in Bubble storage would be insanely expensive. There are much cheaper options for storing that type of data.